Aarhus – various translators

Aarhus 39 is a collection of the best emerging writers for young people from across wider Europe. The authors have been selected by three of Europe’s much-loved writers – Kim Fupz Aakeson (Denmark), Ana Cristina Herreros (Spain) and Matt Haig (UK) – and commissioned to write an original story to the theme of ‘Journey’.

Featuring translators:

Avgi Daferera, Amaia Gabantxo, Roland Glasser, Sam Gordon, Fiona Graham, Lucy Greaves, Rosie Hedger, Meg Matich, A.A. Prime, Guy Puzey, Laura Watkinson, Alex Zucker, Dan Bellm, Anne Bruce, Jane Bugaeva, Charlotte Collins, Katy Derbyshire, David Colmer, Paul Russell Garrett, Daniel Hahn, Rosie Hedger, Dina Leifer, Siân Mackie, Tim Mohr, Alice Tetley-Paul, Rachel Ward, Owen F. Witesman.