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We are slowly making our books available as eBooks, and the first in the new eBook series are below – available through all the major eBook retailers, including Amazon’s kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, and many more besides.



Il Duce and His Women

Roberto Olla

Il Duce and His Women charts the main events in Mussolini’s private and public life, from his humble beginnings in Romagna as the son of a blacksmith to his years as the director of a leading Socialist newspaper and his irresistible rise to power, with a particular focus on his renowned appetite for women, and the lesser-known influence they had on his decision-making.

The result is a riveting account that will shock and haunt the readers for a long time.

eBook ISBN 9781846882029



It Goes with the Territory

Elaine Feinstein

A prolific author of novels, poetry collections, plays, biographies and translations, Elaine Feinstein is one of the towering literary figures of the last few decades. In this, her first memoir, she tells the story of her journey from a Jewish childhood in Leicester to the undergraduate world of post-war Cambridge, the excitement of friendships in the literary world and the tensions of a poet’s writing life inside a long and sometimes painful marriage.

This book, however, is not only the intimate memoir of one of Britain’s finest poets and novelists: it is also the story of a rapidly changing country and of an entire generation of authors. Told with the precision of a biographer and the finesse of a poet, and peppered with witty literary anecdotes, It Goes with the Territory is an absorbing read from beginning to end.

eBook ISBN 9781846883064



Travelling to Infinity

Jane Hawking

Now a major motion picture starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane. It chronicles their relationship, from his early development of ALS to his success in physics

In this compelling memoir, Jane Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s first wife, relates the inside story of their extraordinary marriage. As Stephen’s academic renown soared, his body was collapsing under the assaults of motor-neuron disease, and Jane’s candid account of trying to balance his twenty-four-hour care with the needs of their growing family will be inspirational to anyone dealing with family illness. The inner strength of the author and the self-evident character and achievements of her husband make for an incredible tale that is always presented with unflinching honesty; the author’s candour is no less evident when the marriage finally ends in a high-profile meltdown, with Stephen leaving Jane for one of his nurses, while Jane goes on to marry an old family friend.

In this exceptionally open, moving and often funny memoir, Jane Hawking confronts not only the acutely complicated and painful dilemmas of her first marriage, but also the fault lines exposed in a relationship by the pervasive effects of fame and wealth. The result is a book about optimism, love and change that will resonate with readers everywhere.

eBook ISBN 9781846883736
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In Search of Mary

Bee Rowlatt


Toddler in tow, Bee Rowlatt embarks on an extraordinary journey in search of the life and legacy of the first celebrity feminist: Mary Wollstonecraft. From the wild coasts of Norway to a naked re-birthing in California, via the blood-soaked streets of revolutionary Paris, Bee learns what drove her hero on and what’s been won and lost over the centuries in the battle for equality.

On this biographical treasure hunt she finds herself consulting a witch, a porn star, a quiet Norwegian archivist and the tenants of a blighted council estate in Leeds – getting much more than she bargained for. In her quest to find a new balance between careers and babies, Bee also discovers the importance of celebrating the radiant power of love in all our lives.

eBook ISBN 9781846883859



Combat Camera

Christian Hill

May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun’s Defence Editor is about to catch the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter is missing half his kit and wants his trainers back. Amid the chaos, Christian Hill is preparing to lead his Combat Camera Team on the British Army’s first big operation of the Helmand summer, inching through the IED-riddled fields of the notorious Green Zone, very probably getting shot at. A captain in the Media Operations Group, his job is to promote the war to the British media – and make it look like things are under control and getting better…

Funny, offbeat, shocking and affectionate, Combat Camera offers a unique insight into the military’s media operations in Afghanistan. As coalition troops return home after years of fighting, it will appeal to anyone who wants to know whether our campaign against the Taliban has really been worth the effort.

eBook ISBN 9781846883255



The Great Survivors

Peter Conradi

In this riveting and extensively researched account, Peter Conradi – the celebrated author of The King’s Speech – offers an uncompromising portrayal of Europe’s royals and reveals the scandals, excesses, conflicts and interests hidden behind the pomp of the ceremonial garb and the grandeur of official functions.

At a time when Western society appears to be demanding more equality and democracy, people’s fascination with monarchies shows no signs of waning. Taking the reader on a journey between past and present, into a world populated by great celebrities such as Wallis Simpson, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana, as well as lesser-known and slightly murkier aristocratic figures, The Great Survivors analyses the reasons behind this anachronistic paradox by looking at the history of the main European dynasties and providing a keyhole glimpse into their world, their lives and their secrets.

eBook ISBN 9781846882135



Midnight in Siberia

David Greene

The New York Times Bestseller

In this picaresque story of adventure, David Green captures an overlooked, idiosyncratic Russia in the age of Putin.

A journalist for National Public Radio in the US, David Greene decides to travel thousands of kilometres from Moscow to Vladivostok on the iconic Trans-Siberian line. On the train and in the many Siberian outposts he stops as he meets a wide range of ordinary Russian people – from a group of Beatles-singing babushkas to soldiers and struggling entrepreneurs – with situations arising that are at times comical, awkward or poignant. Travelling in third class, he learns to adhere to the train’s unwritten social codes and to navigate the unfamiliar environment of Siberia, occasionally shadowed by security agents.

Conjuring up other famous travellers to the regions such as Anton Chekhov, David Greene manages, through the events he describes and his reflections and conversations on the journey, to construct a complex, compassionate and astute portrait of Putin’s Russia, far away from the glamour and prestige of Moscow.

eBook ISBN 9781846883712



A Literary Tour of Italy

Tim Parks

An acclaimed author of novels and short stories, Tim Parks – who was described in a recent review as “one of the best living writers of English” – has delighted audiences around the world with his finely observed writings on all aspects of Italian life and customs. This volume contains a selection of his best essays on the literature of his adopted country.

From Boccaccio and Machiavelli through to Moravia and Tabucchi, from the Stil Novo to Divisionism, across centuries of history and intellectual movements, these essays will give English readers, and lovers of the Bel Paese and its culture, the lay of the literary land of Italy.

eBook ISBN 9781846883682



Hot Dogs and Cocktails

Peter Conradi

A book about the story behind the historic meeting between Franklin D Roosevelt and King George VI on the eve of the Second World War, now the subject of a major Hollywood movie, Hyde Park on Hudson, starring Bill Murray as FDR.

Between 9th and 12th June 1939, King George VI of England and his spouse Elizabeth sojourned as guests at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, the New York residence of the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in what was the first official visit by the British monarchy on American soil since colonial times. Far from being a mere footnote in history, this meeting is imbued with deep political significance, coming at a time when Europe is poised to enter war.

In his new book Peter Conradi – who has already introduced us to the gentle, shy figure of George VI in his number-one bestseller The King’s Speech – recreates the rich tapestry that provides the backdrop to the royals’ visit to America, analysing the political background and the media’s reaction, and delving into the complex personality of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his intricate relationships with the most influential women in his life. The result is a fascinating investigation of a defining moment in recent world history.

eBook ISBN 9781846882937



My Life in Agony

Irma Kurtz

As Cosmopolitan’s professional agony aunt for the last forty years, Irma Kurtz has had to deal with the most intimate problems of successive generations of readers, while having to keep up with the changing mores and attitudes in British and American society. In these memoirs, she looks back on the seismic transformations that have taken place over the last four decades, as well as her own hectic and often difficult life as a single mum from America living in London.

Warm, funny and perceptive, brimming with wisdom and insight, My Life in Agony is a meditation on the subjects that tend to concern and confuse us the most – from mother-daughter relationships through to eating disorders, office politics and those perennial areas of interest: love and sex.

eBook ISBN 9781846883231



A.J. Cronin

Alan Davies

A.J. Cronin, author of some of the best-loved novels of the mid-twentieth century and the creator of Dr Finlay, has been unjustly overlooked by literary biographers. In this, the first full-length life of this eminent but often neglected writer, Alan Davies recounts the story of Cronin’s Scottish childhood as the son of a Protestant mother and Catholic father, his subsequent medical career, and ultimately his rise to literary prominence, emphasizing throughout the importance of holding at arm’s length many of the apocryphal tales that have accumulated around the memory of the author of Hatter’s Castle, The Citadel and The Stars Look Down, many of which are based on mistaken autobiographical readings of Cronin’s fiction itself.

Incorporating an account of Cronin’s tempestuous relationship with his publisher, Victor Gollancz, and some startling revelations about the author’s marriage, Davies’s timely and moving book paints a clearer portrait of both Cronin the writer and Cronin the man than the world has hitherto seen.

eBook ISBN 9781846882647



A Fine Brother

Louise Miller

Shortlisted for the HW Fisher Best First Biography Prize 2012

The only Western woman to enlist as a soldier in the First World War, the Englishwoman Flora Sandes became a heroine and a media sensation when she fought for the Serbian Army and pursued a distinguished career in its ranks. This account charts her incredible story: her tomboyish childhood in genteel Victorian England, her mission to Serbia as a Red Cross volunteer and subsequent military enrolment, her celebrity lecture tours, her marriage to a fellow officer, her survival in a Gestapo prison during the Second World War and her final years in Suffolk.

A fascinating character of her times and an inspiration to women the world over, Flora Sandes is brought to life and restored to her rightful place in history by this biography, compiled with the help of her family, and using hitherto unpublished private papers and photographs.

eBook ISBN 9781846882302