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An Interview with Jane Hawking

Dr Jane Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s wife for over twenty years, is a writer and lecturer. Her book At Home in France was published in 1994, followed by her memoir Travelling to Infinity, which became an Oscar-winning movie in 2015, under the title The Theory of Everything.What led you into writing? My first major writing experience was my Ph.D thesis […]

10 Things You Never Knew About Chocolate

Care Santos, author of Desire for Chocolate, shares with us 10 surprising facts about chocolate: 1. Chocolate is traded on the stock exchange. All chocolatiers consult the values of the day before buying their raw material. 2. In the seventeenth century the historian and jurist Antonio de León Pinelo published a book titled Question moral: si el […]

Philip Womack’s Double Axe and the myth of the Minotaur

THE DOUBLE AXE Philip Womack’s The Double Axe re-imagines ancient mythology for young readers today, showing how these venerable stories can help young people understand the world they live in. To coincide with the release of his book in February, Philip will be sharing his take on some of the Greek myths on this site, […]

Trilby Kent answers Readers’ Questions

Reviews From Reading Groups “I enjoyed meeting the characters and found them credible and sympathetic… An insightful exploration of the problems and dangers of hero worship and the narrow ideals of romantic nationalism and multiculturalism.” – A. Cornish, 73, Newcastle upon Tyne Reading Group “It engaged me from the start and I thought the gradual […]