Scottish Short Stories 1800–1900

By Various Authors

ISBN: 9780714506579

352 pages

RRP: £14.99 £11.99

This collection of Scottish short stories has been chosen to give as wide as possible a picture of Scottish fiction of the nineteenth century. Authors such as Walter Scott, James Hogg, John Galt, Margaret Oliphant and Robert Louis Stevenson are widely known as major figures outside Scotland, and this collection – which also includes stories from lesser-known authors such as W.E. Aytoun, James Grant, George McDonald, William Black and William Alexander – places them within the context and tradition of Scottish literature.

This volume has been compiled and annotated by Douglas Gifford (former senior lecturer in English studies at the University of Strathclyde) for use in schools and universities as well as for general reading.

Miranda France

Miranda France is the translator of Alberto Manguel’s All Men Are Liars.