A Year in Translation


Over the last decade, we have focused on bringing the best classics in translation into the English language and to celebrating the best of world literature – this month, we’ve rounded up our top ten classics in translation:



A Game of Chess

Stefan Zweig’s last and most famous story, ‘A Game of Chess’ was written in exile in Brazil and explores its author’s anxieties about the situation in Europe following the rise of the Nazi regime. The tale is presented here in a brand-new translation, along with three of the master storyteller’s most acclaimed novellas: Twenty-four Hours in the Life of a Woman, The Invisible Collection and Incident on Lake Geneva.

By: Stefan Zweig

ISBN: 9781847495815





Journey by Moonlight

Originally written in 1937, and here presented in a brilliant new translation by Peter V. Czipott, Antal Szerb’s gently humorous and psychologically subtle exploration into the workings of a budding bourgeois marriage has been hailed as one of the great rediscovered classics of the twentieth century.

By: Antal Szerb

ISBN: 9781847495822





The Flowers of Evil

Anthony Mortimer, already praised for his virtuoso translations of Petrarch, Dante and Villon, has produced a new version that not only respects the sense and the form of the original French, but also makes powerful English poetry in its own right.

By: Charles Baudelaire

ISBN: 9781847495747





The Adventures of Pipì the Pink Monkey

Collodi wrote this story immediately after Pinocchio, and the little monkey’s adventures present clear similarities, both in terms of themes and characters, with his more celebrated masterpiece. This rediscovered gem of Italian literature, beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler and preserving all of Collodi’s trademark wit and linguistic crispness, will delight and enthral a new generation of children.

By: Carlo Collodi

ISBN: 9781847495594





The Adolescent

Both a Bildungsroman and a novel of ideas, dealing with themes such as the relationship between fathers and sons and the role of money in modern society, The Adolescent – here presented in a brand-new translation by Dora O’Brien – shows Dostoevsky at his finest as a social commentator and observer of the workings of a young man’s mind.

By: Fyodor Dostoevsky

ISBN: 9781847494993





The Kiss

One of Chekhov’s most admired stories, ‘The Kiss’ is joined in this volume by six other celebrated tales in a brand-new translation by Hugh Aplin: ‘The Lady with the Little Dog’, ‘Ward Six’, ‘The Black Monk’, ‘The House with a Mezzanine’, ‘The Bishop’ and ‘Peasants’ – making this an indispensable collection for those wanting to discover Chekhov at his creative best.

By: Anton Chekhov

ISBN: 9781847494191




Belle and Sébastien

First published in 1965 to coincide with the internationally successful television series of the same name, Belle and Sébastien is a heart-warming story of camaraderie, adventure and freedom.

By: Cécile Aubry

ISBN: 9781847495914





Night Flight

Based on Saint-Exupéry’s own experiences as a commercial pilot, Night Flight is a haunting and lyrical examination of duty, destiny and the individual, as well as a vivid portrayal of the intrepid early days of human air travel.

By: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

ISBN: 9781847495891






Inspired by real events and meticulously researched by Zola, Money is, in the wake of recent financial scandals, an all-too-topical exploration of the dynamics of greed, the excesses of capitalism and its dangerous relationship with politics and the press.

By: Émile Zola

ISBN: 9781847495792





The White Guard

Set in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev during the chaotic winter of 1918–19, The White Guard, Bulgakov’s first full-length novel, tells the story of a Russian-speaking family trapped in circumstances that threaten to destroy them…
By: Mikhail Bulgakov
ISBN: 9781847496201