AIs 2018

Below are our press releases for 2018. You can find our latest catalogues and stocklists here.



Agnes Grey (Alma Evergreen Classics)

The Eternal Husband (Alma Classics)

Humorous Tales (Alma Classics)

Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon (Alma Classics)

Belle and Sébastien (Alma Junior Classics)

Moderato Cantabile (Calder Publications)

Lyrics Volume 1 (Alma Classics)


North and South (Alma Evergreen Classics)

The Professor (Alma Classics)

The Crack-up (Alma Classics)

The Forged Coupon (Alma Classics)

The Phoenix and the Carpet (Alma Junior Classics)

Young Adam (Calder Publications)

Lyrics Volume 2 (Alma Classics)


Three Men in a Boat (Alma Evergreen Classics)

Scriblerus (Alma Classics)

The Trial (Alma Evergreen Classics)

The Silver Skates (Alma Junior Classics)

Lyrics Volume 3 (Alma Classics)


The Enchanted April (Alma Evergreen Classics)

The Abyss and Other Stories (Alma Classics)

Poems from the Moor (Alma Classics)

The New Football Coach (Alma Junior)

Lyrics Volume 4 (Alma Classics)


The Island of Dr Moreau (Alma Evergreen Classics)

The House of the Dead (Alma Classics)

The Rape of the Lock and A Key to the Lock (Alma Classics)

Tales of Unrest (Alma Classics)

Daddy-Long-Legs (Alma Junior Classics)


The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Alma Evergreen Classics)

Catastrophe and Other Stories (Alma Classics)

Candide (Alma Classics)

The Garden Party and Collected Short Stories (Alma Classics)

Cry to Dream Again (Alma Books)


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Alma Complete Stocklist (Classics, Contemporary and Overture) 2018 (Excel Spreadsheet; see also Stocklist Catalogue)

Overture Music Series Order Form 2018 (PDF)

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Dante Collection Order Form 2018 (PDF)

Evergreens Order Form 2018 (Excel Spreadsheet)

Evergreens Order Form 2018 (PDF)

Jane Austen Collection Order Form 2018 (PDF)

Quirky Classics Order Form 2018 (PDF)

101-page Classics Order Form 2018 (PDF)



Summer 2018 presentation (PDF)

Summer 2018 presentation (Powerpoint)

Spring 2018 presentation (PDF)

Spring 2018 presentation (Powerpoint)