Classic Animal Fiction for Children



Children’s books often venture into the animal kingdom, and there are no better examples of this than the three classics we are publishing in February and March. From the archetypal hero dog Lassie, to the rampaging bears of Dino Buzzati’s fantasy Sicily, and the beautiful black horse of Anna Sewell’s iconic work, all of these children’s classics come beautifully packaged with illustrations and are available at 20% off now.



Black Beauty

After a wonderful early life as a young colt on Farmer Gray’s meadows, the stallion Black Beauty is sold to Squire Gordon of Birtwick Hall and joins the gentleman’s stables. While his existence is no longer…
By: Anna Sewell
ISBN: 9781847495860




The Bears’ Famous
Invasion of Sicily

Starving after a harsh winter, the bears descend from the mountains in search of food and invade the valley below, where they face fierce opposition from the army of the Grand Duke of Sicily….
By: Dino Buzzati
ISBN: 9781847495723





Lassie Come-Home

Everyone in the Yorkshire town of Greenall Bridge knows Lassie, the prize collie of miner Sam Carraclough and his son Joe. But when the family falls on hard times, Sam is forced to sell his dog to the Duke of Rudling…
By: Eric Knight
ISBN: 9781847495785