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Alma is absolutely dedicated to quality, which is why we always take the utmost care when producing our books. Whilst we think the printed book is always going to be something people love to have, we recognise that many people read on e-readers.

For the last few years, we’ve been making more and more of our list available as eBooks, which you will find on all the major retailers’ websites.

Look out for the “eBook available” logo on product pages to see which books we’ve currently got in our eBook list – if you search on your favourite e-reader website, you’ll find an Alma book just waiting to be downloaded!




The publisher John Calder began the Opera Guides series under the editorship of the late Nicholas John in association with English National Opera in 1980. It ran until 1994 and eventually included forty-eight titles, covering fifty-eight operas. The books in the series were intended to be companions to the works that make up the core of the operatic repertory. They contained articles, illustrations, musical examples and a complete libretto and singing translation of each opera in the series, as well as bibliographies and discographies.

The aim of the present relaunched series is to make available again the guides already published in a redesigned format with new illustrations, updated reference sections and a literal translation of the libretto that will enable the reader to get closer to the meaning of the original. New guides of operas not already covered will be published alongside the redesigned ones from the old series.

We are slowly making the guides available as eBooks, and the first few are already available through all the major eBook retailers, including Amazon’s kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, and many more besides, all priced at £4.99.