A Funny Sort of Minister

By Dominique Demers

Illustrated by Tony Ross

ISBN: 9781846884566

96 pages


RRP: £6.99 £3.50

At a train station on her way to meet her friends Marie and Leo to recover her pet rock, Madame Charlotte accidentally picks up the Prime Minister’s elephant-hide bag instead of her own. As it contains important documents and the politician is due to make an important speech on children’s education, Miss Charlotte – hoping that she might get a ministerial job out of this – embarks on a quest to track him down.

Along the way, Miss Charlotte cannot help making speeches on behalf of the country’s leader and putting her own original twist on his boring children’s policy, while attracting at the same time the attentions of the media and the secret service.

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  • This is as funny and charming as the rest of the series with many hilarious twists.

    Primary Times

  • A modern-day Mary Poppins who has charmed her way into the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Quebec children … Like all Demers’s stories, this one is fabulously penned, imaginative, relevant and funny.

    Michelle Lalonde
    The Gazette

Dominique Demers

A former professor and journalist in her native Canada, Dominique Demers is the successful author of over fifty books for children, young adults and adults.

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