A Lesser Dependency

By Peter Benson

ISBN: 9781846881923

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  • A powerful political novel which makes its case all the more forcefully for being so restrained.

    The Guardian

  • The lack of adornment lends the novel the directness of a folk-tale and sharpens its sting.

    The Independent

  • This is polemic touched with poetry. Benson’s gift is to capture in strong visual terms the earth-based intuition of those 'dropped in the sand and tuned to the rhythms of tiny island life’.

    The Sunday Times

Peter Benson

Peter Benson’s first novel, The Levels, won the Guardian Fiction Prize. This was followed by A Lesser Dependency, winner of the Encore Award, and The Other Occupant, which was awarded the Somerset Maugham Award. Peter Benson has also published short stories, volumes of poetry and screenplays, some adapted for TV and radio. His works have been translated into many languages.

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