A Modest Proposal and Other Writings

By Jonathan Swift

ISBN: 9781847497475

128 pages

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In response to the dire economic conditions in eighteenth-century Ireland, A Modest Proposal ironically exhorts the poor to provide their offspring as food to the rich. Skilfully applying a wealth of classical rhetorical techniques, Swift’s satirical tour de force takes a savage swipe at the selfishness of the ruling classes and the heartlessness of the various utilitarian solutions put forward by contemporary thinkers.

In addition to this seminal piece, this volume includes other humorous and polemical writings – which, taken together, provide an invaluable introduction to Swift as a master satirist and pamphleteer.

Contains: ‘A Short View of the State of Ireland’, ‘A Modest Proposal’, ‘The Present State of Ireland Considered’ and ‘An Examination of Certain Abuses, Corruptions and Enormities in the City of Dublin’

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Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) was an Anglo-Irish writer of prose, poetry, essays and political pamphlets, and is probably the best-known satirist in the English language. His novel Gulliver’s Travels is one of the landmarks of world literature.