A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

By James Joyce

ISBN: 9781847493866

320 pages

RRP: £6.39

The most extensively annotated edition available with almost 1,000 notes by Marc A. Mamigonian and John Turner

This text is based on the Egoist Press second edition of 1918

James Joyce’s first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a Künstlerroman which chronicles the emotional and intellectual development of Stephen Dedalus – a character partly based on the author himself – from his early childhood and his school and university days all the way to his first forays as a young artist. Dedalus’s thoughts and epiphanies reveal the tensions, insecurities and feelings of guilt that are the product of living in a country and period so deeply divided along religious and political lines.

Pioneering an innovative stream-of-consciousness technique characteristic of early Modernism, and often resorting to mythical, historical and literary allusion which would find fuller expression in Ulysses, Joyce’s groundbreaking work shocked the readers of its day and continues to challenge analysis and interpretation.

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  • This volume likely presents the most ambitious annotations of the novel to date and might even surpass Don Gifford’s colossal stand-alone reference guide.

    Greg Winston
    James Joyce Quarterly

  • His writing is not about something; it is that something itself.

    Samuel Beckett

James Joyce

Born in Dublin, James Joyce (1882–1941) spent most of his life abroad, living in Trieste, Paris and Zurich. His writings, however, mainly centre on Dublin – most famously Ulysses, Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. He pioneered and perfected avant-garde prose techniques that saw him rise to the rank of one of Europe’s foremost Modernists.