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A Tale of One January

By Albert Maltz

ISBN: 9780714550626

192 pages

RRP: £8.99

Poland, January 1945. Two women and four men escape from a Nazi death march. Each is from a different background and a different country, but all have endured the horrors of imprisonment in Auschwitz. They find refuge in an abandoned factory, and suddenly they realize that they are no longer mere numbers. Even in their wild euphoria at being free, however, they can have no certainty about their future.

This is a tale of exploding joy within a hothouse of fear, a tale of human beings erupting into life after breaking free of the embrace of death – an unusual and moving tale that cements Albert Maltz’s reputation as a compassionate observer of character and one of the finest storytellers of his generation.

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  • The narration is from the point of view of two women, one French, the other Dutch, whom the Nazi have widowed. The style is touchingly simple… their hopes and fears of rehabilitation come across convincingly and his background details are painfully vivid

    Times Literary Supplement

  • Though it’s a short novel, one becomes deeply involved… There is real anguish in the sudden tragedy that overtakes them in the end

    Irish Times

  • A story of heroism and compassion… The climax of this novel is a stirring affirmation in man’s ability, not only to survive, but to recreate himself, to rise above the suffering and viciousness through which he has passed

    Morning Star

  • A short, harsh, exciting story


  • In the talk and laughter of this small group, a little bit of civilization returns to Europe. It is a touching story, compassionately told

    Glasgow Herald

Albert Maltz

Albert Maltz (1908–85) was an American playwright, fiction writer and screenwriter. He was one of the Hollywood Ten, a group of entertainment-industry professionals who were blacklisted for their involvement with the Communist Party USA and cited for contempt by Congress. He is best remembered today for his novels A Tale of One January and A Long Day in a Short Life.