Alistair Grim’s Odditorium

By Gregory Funaro

Illustrated by Chris Mould

Age range: 9–11; Book Band Y6/P7; Dark Blue B; Pearl

ISBN: 9781846883828

320 pages

RRP: £6.99 £5.59

Twelve-year-old Grubb lives a hand-to-mouth existence in Victorian England, working as a chimney sweep under a cruel master. After an incident at an inn, he hides in the trunk of one of its guests, the enigmatic Alistair Grim, and is whisked away to his Odditorium, a wonderful flying house full of incredible mechanical features powered by an enigmatic substance called animus.

Now apprenticed to Grim, Grubb begins to settle into his new life and find a new family in the eccentric crew of the Odditorium, when suddenly his new world comes under attack by the evil Prince Nightshade and he is propelled into a perilous quest. As he gets caught up in the struggle, Grubb will learn valuable lessons and discover remarkable secrets about himself and his new host.

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  • A clever mash-up of mystery and merriment, ideal for kids who loved Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.


  • Verne-ian fantasy and reversal of fortune à la Dickens will lure readers into this good-vs.-evil series debut.

    Kirkus Reviews

  • A wonderful take, full of imagination and amazing characters … the story will definitely appeal to those who love quirky and magical activities

    The School Library Association

  • An enchanting book set in a world where the odd is the ordinary, evil has many faces and love is the most powerful magic of them all

    Aldershot News and Mail

  • An exciting action-packed novel, full of unusual, but likable characters, with many suspense filled moments

    Primary Times

  • Funaro’s knack for memorable characters and scenarios shines in this frenetic, entertaining romp.

    Publishers Weekly

Gregory Funaro

A drama professor at East Carolina University, Gregory Funaro lives with his family outside Raleigh, North Carolina, where he is busy working on the next book in the Odditorium series.

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