Being – Seeing – Feeling – Healing – Meaning

By John Calder

ISBN: 9781846880391

218 pages

RRP: £7.99

This third volume of poems by a man who has been deeply involved in twentieth-century and classical literature since 1949 as publisher, editor, critic and translator – as well as in the theatre and performing arts – records his thoughts, memories and perceptions in a language that is frank, direct and never obscure.

A long life has given him the material to understand the troubled history of his time, which is also recorded in his other writings.

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John Calder

Since 1949, John Calder has published eighteen Nobel Prize winners and around fifteen hundred books. He has put into print many of the major French and European writers, almost single-handedly introducing modern literature into the English language. His commitment to literary excellence has influenced two generations of authors, readers, booksellers and publishers. He is the author of several plays, a memoir and various non-fiction titles.