Buddhaland Brooklyn

By Richard C. Morais

ISBN: 9781846883101

320 pages

RRP: £6.39

As he approaches his fortieth birthday, the introverted monk Seido Oda is ordered by his superior to leave behind his peaceful refuge in the remote mountains of Japan and set up a temple in Brooklyn’s Little Calabria. There Oda is confronted with an uphill struggle to get to understand the ways of his new host country, and finds his patience and beliefs tested by a motley crew of misguided American Buddhists – a shock which will enable him to come to terms with painful memories of his past and finally experience that sense of belonging he has always sought.

Featuring rich descriptions of idyllic Japanese landscapes and the gritty chaos of New York, and a cast of eccentric, larger-than-life characters, Buddhaland Brooklyn – Richard C. Morais’s second novel after the acclaimed The Hundred Foot Journey – is an entertaining and edifying meditation on faith, cultural divides and the meaning of true acceptance.

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  • In Buddhaland Brooklyn, Richard C. Morais has created a charming and insightful story about a gentle man’s search for his own enlightenment.

    Sarah Clarke, The Torbay Bookshop (Bookseller's Choice: April)

  • It is a beautifully written book to savour and enjoy and will uplift you, for there is a little bit of these characters that are in us all. With such an enjoyable book I will certainly read it more than once.

    Yorkshire Gazette

Richard C. Morais

Born in Lisbon and raised in Switzerland, Richard C. Morais started his career in journalism in New York City in 1984 and moved to London in 1986, where he lived for seventeen years working for Forbes, before returning to the United States in 2003. He is the editor of Penta, a Barron’s website and quarterly magazine, and the author of The Hundred-Foot Journey and Buddhaland Brooklyn.

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