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By Giuseppe Verdi

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A special collection of 11 librettos by Giuseppe Verdi published in the John Calder series in association with English National Opera. Each contains specialist articles, the full libretto with English singing translation as used at ENO, numerous illustrations, a musical thematic guide, selective discography and bibliography.


Contents: Verdi’s ‘Egyptian business’, Michael Rose; ‘Aida’ – Text and Music, William Mann; The Genesis of ‘Aida’, Roger Parker; Aida: Libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni; Aida: English version by Edmund Tracey


Contents: Introduction, Jonathan Keates; Musical Commentary, Roger Parker; The Timelessness of ‘Rigoletto’, Peter Nichols; Rigoletto: Text by Francesco Maria Piave after Victor Hugo’s ‘Le Roi s’amuse’; Rigoletto: English translation by James Fenton


Contents: ‘Otello’: The Background, Winton Dean; ‘Otello’: Drama and Music Benedict Sarnaker; Verdi, Shakespeare and the Italian Audience, William Weaver; Otello: Libretto by Arrigo Boito; Otello: English Translation by Andrew Porter

Un ballo in maschera

Contents: Introduction, Nicholas John; A Fusion of Styles, Pierluigi Petrobelli; A King Restored: Structure and Music in ‘A Masked Ball’, Benedict Sarnaker; The ‘Laughing Chorus’ in Contexts, Harold Powers; Un ballo in maschera: Libretto by Antonio Somma; A Masked Ball: English translation by Edmund Tracey

Simon Boccanegra

Contents: An Historical Perspective, Rodolfo Celletti; An Introduction to the 1881 Score, James Hepokoski; Verdi and his Singers, Desmond Shawe-Taylor; Simon Boccanegra: Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave with additions by Giuseppe Montanelli and additions and alterations by Arrigo Boito; Simon Boccanegra: English translation by James Fenton


Contents: ‘Macbeth’: Shakespeare to Verdi, Giorgio Melchiori; Making ‘Macbeth’ ‘Musicabile’, Harold Powers; ‘Macbeth’ and the Nineteenth-Century Theatre, Michael R. Booth; A Note on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, August Wilhelm Schlegel; The Preface in the Ricordi Libretto; Piave’s Intended Preface for the 1847 Libretto; Macbeth: Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave (1865); Macbeth: English translation by Jeremy Sams

La forza del destino

Contents: War and Peace, Peter Conrad; The Music of ‘The Force of Destiny’, Richard Bernas; The Revision of ‘The Force of Destiny’; ‘That Damned Ending’, Bruce A. Brown; La forza del destino: Libretto by Francesco Piave (1862) with additions by Antonio Ghislanzoni (1869); The Force of Destiny: English translation by Andrew Porter

La traviata

Contents: Introduction, Nicholas John; Verdi and the Singers for ‘La Traviata’, Julian Budden; La Traviata: from Real Life to Opera, Denis Arnold; Alexandre Dumas the Younger and ‘La Dame aux camélias’, April FitzLyon; An Introduction to the Libretto, Nicholas John; La traviata: Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave; La traviata: English Translation by Edmund Tracey

Il trovatore

Contents: ‘Higher than the highest’, Marcello Conati; ‘Il trovatore’: Music and Drama, D.R.B. Kimbell; Antonio García Gutiérrez’s ‘El trovador’, Donald Shaw; Il trovatore: Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano; Il trovatore: English translation by Tom Hammond


Contents: Introduction, Nicholas John; ‘A Lyric Comedy Unlike Any Other’, Michael Rose; ‘Full of Nimble, Fiery and Delectable Shapes’, David Cairns; Translating ‘Falstaff’, Andrew Porter; Falstaff: Libretto by Arrigo Boito; Falstaff: English Translation by Andrew Porter

Don Carlos

Contents: A Grand Opera with a Difference, Julian Budden; Off the Beaten Track, Gilles de Van; “A Family Portrait in a Royal Household”: ‘Don Carlos’ from Schiller to Verdi, F.J. Lamport; Stendhal’s ‘Don Carlos’: “The most moving opera ever written”, by Nicholas Cronk; Don Carlos: Grand Opera in Five Acts by Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle; Don Carlo: Italian translation by Achille de Lauzières and Angelo Zanardini with additional material translated by Piero Faggioni; Don Carlos: English translation by Andrew Porter; Introduction by Jennifer Batchelor

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901) is one of Italy’s most celebrated opera composers. His best-known operas include Rigoletto, Il trovatore, La traviata and Aida.