Calder Wagner Collection

By Richard Wagner

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A special collection of ten librettos by Richard Wagner published in the John Calder series in association with English National Opera. Each contains specialist articles, the full libretto with English singing translation as used at ENO, numerous illustrations, a musical thematic guide, selective discography and bibliography.

Der fliegende Holländer

Contents: Behind ‘The Flying Dutchman’, John Warrack; An introduction to ‘The Flying Dutchman’, John Deathridge; Loneliness, Love and Death, William Vaughan; The Overture to ‘The Flying Dutchman’, Richard Wagner; Remarks on Performing ‘The Flying Dutchman’, Richard Wagner; Der fliegende Holländer: Poem by Richard Wagner; The Flying Dutchman: English translation by David Pountney


Contents: ‘Tannhäuser’ – an Obsession, Mike Ashman; Tanhusære, Danheüser and Tannhäuser, Stewart Spencer; Wagner’s Most Medieval Opera, Timothy McFarland; Orpheus and the Underworld: The Music of Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser’, Carolyn Abbate; Tannhäuser: Poem by Richard Wagner; Tannhäuser: English translation by Rodney Blumer


Contents: Wagner’s ‘Alter Ego’, John Deathridge; Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin’: between Grand Opera and Musikdrama, Thomas S. Grey; History, Women’s History and beyond History in ‘Lohengrin’, Janet L. Nelson; Lohengrin in Brabant, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm; Lohengrin: Poem by Richard Wagner; Lohengrin: English Translation by Amanda Holden

Das Rheingold

Contents: The Beginning of ‘The Ring’, John Deathridge; ‘The Rhinegold’ – The Music, Roger North; Language and Sources of ‘The Ring’, Stewart Spencer; Das Rheingold: Poem by Richard Wagner; The Rhinegold: English translation by Andrew Porter

Die Walküre

Contents: A Conflict of Power and Love, Geoffrey Skelton; Chronology of the Composition of ‘The Valkyrie’; An Introduction to the Music of ‘The Valkyrie’, Barry Millington; New Myths for Old, George Gillespie; Translating ‘The Ring’, Andrew Porter; Die Walküre: Poem by Richard Wagner; The Valkyrie: English translation by Andrew Porter


Contents: Educating Siegfried, Ulrich Weisstein; ‘Siegfried’: The Music, Anthony Newcomb; ‘Siegfried’ in the Context of Wagner’s Operatic Writing, Derrick Puffett; Siegfried: Poem by Richard Wagner; Siegfried: English translation by Andrew Porter


Contents: An Introduction to the End, Michael Tanner; Motif, Memory and Meaning in ‘Twilight of the Gods’, Robin Holloway; The Questionable Lightness of Being: Brunnhilde’s Peroration to ‘The Ring’, Christopher Wintle; Götterdämmerung: Poem by Richard Wagner; Twilight of the Gods: English translation by Andrew Porter

Tristan und Isolde

Contents: Synopsis, Timothy McFarland; ‘Tristan and Isolde’: A Landmark in Musical History, John Luke Rose; A Musical Commentary, Anthony Negus; The staging of ‘Tristan and Isolde’: Landmarks along the Appian Way, Patrick Carnegy; An Introduction to the German Text, Martin Swales and Timothy McFarland; Tristan und Isolde: Poem by Richard Wagner; Tristan and Isolde: English Translation by Andrew Porter

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Contents: ‘My most genial creation…’, Roland Matthews; A Musical Commentary, Amold Whittall; Wagner’s Nuremberg, Timothy McFarland; Die Meistersingers von Nürnberg: Poem by Richard Wagner; The Mastersingers of Nuremberg: English translation by Frederick Jameson, revised by Gordon Kember and Norman Feasey


Contents: A Very Human Epic, Mike Ashman; Recapitulation of a Lifetime, Dieter Borchmeyer; Experiencing Music and Imagery in ‘Parsifal’, Robin Holloway, ‘Parsifal’: Words and Music, Carolyn Abbate; Discussions into the Dramaturgy of ‘Parsifal’, Gerd Rienäcker; Thematic Guide, Lionel Friend; ‘Parsifal’ poem by Richard Wagner, ‘Parsifal’ English translation by Andrew Porter; Discography, Cathy Peterson, Bibliography

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner (1813–83) was a composer who drew inspiration from Christian and Nordic mythology, as well as the philosophy of Schopenhauer, to pioneer dramatically new forms of music. His concept of the “Total Artwork” led to the construction of the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, an opera house he designed specifically for productions of his own operas. He also wrote widely on music and art. His operas include Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg and the four parts of Der Ring des Nibelungen.