Charles Baudelaire – Three Books

By Charles Baudelaire

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Celebrating the 2021 bicentenary of the birth of Charles Baudelaire.

This collection includes three of Charles Baudelaire’s best works:

The Flowers of Evil – Verse Translation by Anthony Mortimer

The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire is presented here in a dual-language edition, with extra material, notes and bibliography. Anthony Mortimer, already praised for his virtuoso translations of Petrarch, Dante and Villon, has produced a new version that not only respects the sense and the form of the original French, but also makes powerful English poetry in its own right.

Paris Spleen – Translated by Martin Sorrell and Maurice Stang

Published posthumously in 1869, Paris Spleen was a landmark publication in the development of the genre of prose poetry – a form which Baudelaire saw as particularly suited for expressing the feelings of uncertainty, flux and freedom of his age – and one of the founding texts of literary Modernism.

Hashish, Wine, Opium – Translated by Maurice Stang

Hashish, Wine, Opium captures the spirit of French Romanticism in its struggle to free the mind from the shackles of the humdrum and the conventional, and serves as a fascinating prologue to the psychedelic literature of the following century. It includes writings by Théophile Gautier



Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire (1821–67) is most famous for his groundbreaking collection of verse The Flowers of Evil, but his essays, translations and prose poems have been equally influential.