Cheeks on Fire: Dual-language edition

By Raymond Radiguet

Translated by Alan Stone

ISBN: 9780714543734

112 pages

RRP: £7.99

Shortly before his death at the age of twenty, the young literary sensation Raymond Radiguet compiled a volume of his poetry, composed between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Presented here, this prodigious oeuvre is notable as much for its homage to classical style as it is for its risqué and even licentious undertones: it is, by Radiguet’s own admission, an interpretation of “the birth of Venus”, a depiction of the awakening of the senses.

Based on the authoritative 1925 text, this dual-language edition also contains Radiguet’s foreword to the collection, providing an invaluable insight into the history and interpretation of the works.

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Raymond Radiguet

Raymond Radiguet (1903–1923) was a French poet and writer who gained significant notoriety during adolescence. Championed by Jean Cocteau, and often likened to Rimbaud, he is best remembered for his novel The Devil in the Flesh.