Good To Be God

By Tibor Fischer

ISBN: 9781846880841

288 pages

RRP: £6.39

Using a friend’s credit card and identity, Tyndale Corbett arrives in Miami to discover the joys of luxury hotels and above all the delight of being someone else, someone successful. Feeling his previous failure might be due to insufficient ambition, Tyndale decides on a new money-making scheme. He will up the ante exponentially, and pretend to be someone really important and successful: God.

His mission to convince the citizenry of Miami that he is, despite appearances, the Supreme Being results in him taking over the Church of the Heavily Armed Christ. His duties there involve him in forming a private army, hiring call girls, trafficking coke, issuing death threats, beating off church-jackers and sorting out (as almightily as possible) various problems his parishioners are having with pets. All the while he is working on his grand project, the clincher miracle: dying and coming back to life…

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  • Brutal, dazzling and clever.

    The Independent

  • This is Fischer at his sharpest – a widely original feelbad philosophical hayride.

    The Times

  • A born storyteller.

    Sunday Times

  • A picaresque romp ensues, set in a vividly evoked Miami, full of oddball characters and witty one-liners.

    The Sunday Telegraph

  • A spot-on mixture of shady characters and searing insight … as blackly funny as it is profound.


  • A tight, twangy style, full of sarcasm and cool American expressions.

    The Independent

  • As in all his fiction, Fischer makes comic capital out of the fretful, trivial, even sordid realities that get in the way of five-star ideals.

    Financial Times

  • Deciding that identity fraud lacks ambition, Tyndale Corbett attempts to convince the people of Miami that he is God. His inadvertent success has unholy and darkly comic consequences.

    The Times

  • Fischer is one of the funniest writers in the business.

    The Daily Telegraph

  • Fischer's writing is as inventive as ever and he also manages to use Tyndale's exploits to explore what it means to live – or try to live – a good life.

    The Observer

  • Fischer’s fecund imagination keeps the satire constantly engaging.

    The Daily Mail

  • I have seen this book being handed round a pub with hearty recommendations, and verdicts such as ‘a return to form’. When was the last time you saw hardened drinkers pass around a novel that asks some big philosophical questions?

    Paperback of the Week, Guardian Review

  • The best thinking person’s entertainer since Iris Murdoch … one of his funniest books to date.

    Time Out

  • The narrative is … propelled by the author’s madcap imagination and inventive language.


  • There are a lot of funny lines … Good to be God dramatises the neuroses of a man mired in middle age who is dismally disappointed with the way things have panned out.

    The Sunday Telegraph

Tibor Fischer

Tibor Fischer was born in Stockport of Hungarian parents. Brought up in South London, he was educated at Cambridge and worked as a journalist. He was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for his first novel, Under the Frog, which also won a Betty Trask Award, and he was nominated as one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists. Subsequent works include The Thought Gang, The Collector Collector, Don’t Read this Book if You’re Stupid and Voyage to the End of the Room.

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