How to Get Rid of a Vampire Using Ketchup, Garlic Cloves and a Bit of Imagination

By J.M. Erre

Translated by Sander Berg

Age range: 8–9; Book Band Y4/P5; Brown B; Emerald

ISBN: 9781846884221

176 pages

RRP: £5.59


Zazie has just received a beautiful new notebook, and decides to keep a diary. Brimming with imagination, she writes down her impressions of her cat Roudoudou, her awful cousin Lucas and her new teacher Mr Fleder – who, with his pale skin and blood-red lips, must surely be a vampire! In order to save her life and those of her classmates, Zazie must find a way to get rid of Mr Fleder – and what better way than by following the advice found in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Sparkling, funny and a bit wacky, How to Get Rid of a Vampire (Using Ketchup, Garlic Cloves and a Bit of Imagination) is as entertaining and original as its brave and loveable heroine.


  • The voice of the main character, Zazie, is really original and funny. I am sure lots of young readers will fall in love with her.

    Elisabetta Minervini, Publisher

J.M. Erre

Jean-Marcel Erre was born in the south of France in 1971, and works as a teacher in Montpellier. He also writes novels, TV sketches and screenplays.