Immensee and Other Stories

By Theodor Storm

Translated by Ronald Taylor, Bayard Quincy Morgan and F.M. Voigt

ISBN: 9781847494597

150 pages

RRP: £9.99 £7.99

A romantic tale of an old man reminiscing about his youth and unfulfilled love, ‘Immensee’ is considered by many to be Theodor Storm’s most accomplished work, evoking a reality which is veiled and haunted by dreams and illusion.

This volume, which also contains ‘Viola Tricolor’, the delightful story of a woman coming to terms with her stepdaughter, and ‘Curator Carsten’, a sombre account of a young man falling into a life of debauchery, provides a vivid introduction to one of the finest storytellers of German Romanticism.


  • ‘Immensee’ is leisured and precise, its hypnotic prose bringing speculation continually to mind, the account of a lifetime coming at its own pace, almost writing itself in the way a masterpiece sometimes is produced, never a note wrong, or a word to jar.

    Alan Sillitoe

Theodor Storm

A lawyer and writer, Theodor Storm (1817–88) was the author of many poems, novellas and short stories influenced by the Romantic movement, the most famous of which are Immensee and The Dykemaster.