In Search of Mary

The Mother of all Journeys

By Bee Rowlatt

ISBN: 9781846883781

288 pages

RRP: £10.39

Toddler in tow, Bee Rowlatt embarks on an extraordinary journey in search of the life and legacy of the first celebrity feminist: Mary Wollstonecraft. From the wild coasts of Norway to a naked re-birthing in California, via the blood-soaked streets of revolutionary Paris, Bee learns what drove her hero on and what’s been won and lost over the centuries in the battle for equality.

On this biographical treasure hunt she finds herself consulting a witch, a porn star, a quiet Norwegian archivist and the tenants of a blighted council estate in Leeds – getting much more than she bargained for. In her quest to find a new balance between careers and babies, Bee also discovers the importance of celebrating the radiant power of love in all our lives.

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  • It’s brilliantly funny, poignant and important … Laugh, cry and be moved by the original feminist adventure with the brilliant Bee Rowlatt as your fun-loving friend.

    Shami Chakrabarti

  • Rowlatt’s travelogue is always entertaining as she explores the life and times of the ever passionate and never compromising Wollstonecraft who, more than two centuries on, still has much to teach us.

    The Independent

  • Rowlatt’s passion for Wollstonecraft leaps out of every page, the intervening centuries disappear: it’s as if they are on a journey together.

    Dan Snow

  • Unputdownable.

    Historical Novel Society

  • A fascinating and hilarious adventure with champion tea-drinker Bee Rowlatt in In Search Of Mary: The Mother of All Journeys. On her quest, toddler in tow, she searches for the celebrity feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

    The Big Issue

  • An excellent exploration of the rights and roles of women, two centuries apart.

    The Independent Books of the Year: The best biography and memoirs of 2015

  • Her determination and research into her heroine is fascinating, and leads her to some very outlandish places indeed.

    The Brighton and Hove Independent

Bee Rowlatt

Bee Rowlatt is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. She is a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph and has reported for the World Service, Newsnight and BBC2. The co-author of the best-selling Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad (Penguin 2010) as well as one of the writers featured in Virago’s 2013 anthology Fifty Shades of Feminism, Bee won the K. Blundell Trust award for In Search of Mary. She has four children and lives in London.