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By Théophile Gautier

Translated by Andrew Brown

ISBN: 9781847498359

128 pages

RRP: £5.99

When Paul d’Aspremont travels to Naples to join Alicia Ward, his beautiful fiancée, he is surprised to see her grow pale under his gaze, and to discover that an Italian suitor, Count Altavilla, is trying to win her affections. Soon the strange gestures and whispers of the locals convince him – against his better judgement – that indeed he has the evil eye, and that he must resort to extreme measures if he wants to shield Alicia from its deadly effects.

This 1856 novella from the master of fantasy and the supernatural, featuring one of the most hauntingly surreal denouements in nineteenth-century fiction, is a brilliant and witty examination of man’s innermost fantasies and fears.


  • An eerie little masterpiece about a rationalist gradually persuaded of the existence of the irrational.

    Gilbert Adair

Théophile Gautier

The French poet, dramatist, novelist and short-story writer Théophile Gautier (1811–72) was one of the central figures of French Romantic literature and the author of influential works of fiction in the supernatural genre.