By Georg Buchner

Translated by Michael Hamburger

ISBN: 9781847494498

98 pages

RRP: £7.19

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Vosges mountains, Lenz tells the tale of the real-life writer J.M.R. Lenz’s nineteen-day stay in Waldersbach in 1778, describing his wanderings around the mountainous surroundings and his worsening fits of madness, eventually culminating in his removal, under guard, to Strasbourg.

Valued both as a chilling exploration of paranoid schizophrenia and an influential forerunner of literary modernism, this existential drama boasts a prose style startlingly ahead of its time.

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  • A harbinger of European modernism.

    The New Yorker

  • A study of schizophrenia whose style anticipates Bernhard and Beckett.

    The Guardian

Georg Büchner

Famous for his plays, such as Danton’s Death and Woyzeck, Georg Büchner (1813–37) made a major contribution to German literature in his brief life, tragically cut short by typhus.