Life of Dante

By Boccaccio

Translated by Philip H. Wicksteed

ISBN: 9781847496638

128 pages

RRP: £6.39

Life of Dante brings together the earliest accounts of Dante available, putting the celebratory essay of literary genius Giovanni Boccaccio together with the historical analysis of leading humanist Leonardo Bruni. Their writings, along with the other sources included in this volume, provide a wealth of insight and information into Dante’s unique character and life, from his susceptibility to the torments of passionate love, his involvement in politics, scholastic enthusiasms and military experience, to the stories behind the greatest heights of his poetic achievements. Not only are these accounts invaluable for their subject matter, they are also seminal examples of early biographical writing. Also included in this volume is a biography of Boccaccio, perhaps as great an influence on world literature as Dante himself.



Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–75) is one of the most famous authors in Italian literature. A proto-humanist writer and scholar, his works include On Famous Women, Decameron and poetry in the Florentine vernacular.