Mammissima – Signed by the Author

Family Cooking from a Modern Italian Mamma

By Elisabetta Minervini

ISBN: 9781408855560

208 pages

RRP: £20.00

Bordering iridescent seas, Puglia sits at the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’. It is a region where the food is light, nutritious and rustic, and firmly centred around family life.

Born in this captivating place, Elisabetta Minervini has brought the vitality of Puglian cooking to her home in London, where she has tried and tested the best traditional recipes for children and adults alike. These include orecchiette (‘little-ear’ pasta) with broccoli, stuffed peppers, octopus salad and the ultimate homemade pizza – as well as a host of delicious sweet treats.

Perfect for busy mammas, it’s a way of cooking that suits the modern lifestyle, with dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily using inexpensive, healthy ingredients. This lively introduction to all that Puglian family cooking has to offer will bring la dolce vita into your own kitchen!


Published by Bloomsbury


  • There’s lots of love here and plenty of inspiration for those days when you can’t think what to cook. Ingredients used tend to be inexpensive and Elisabetta’s focus is on food for a busy mamma

    The Green Parent

  • Ideal for children, adults and fussy eaters alike, yet with many of them still interesting enough for entertaining, we can already see these recipes being used in our kitchens time and time again

    Easy Food Magazine

  • Elisabetta shares the best traditional Puglian recipes but in a way that suits a modern lifestyle

    Choice Magazine

  • An important first step in the journey to healthy home cooking

    Giorgio Locatelli

  • This book provides an intimate look into Italian home cooking, celebrating simple, natural ingredients and bringing back the authentic taste of Puglia, whilst evoking its history and many traditions

    Francesco da Mosto

Elisabetta Minervini

Elisabetta is the co-founder of Alma Books. She is a publisher as well as a cook, and published Mammissima: Family Cooking from a Modern Italian Mamma with Bloomsbury in 2016. She lives in Richmond, London with her husband and children.