Memoirs of a Mother in Law

By George R. Sims

ISBN: 9781847497796

288 pages

RRP: £6.39

Jane Tressider has never been afraid of speaking her mind, even if she admits that she may have occasionally given offence by doing so. But as a busy mother of nine children, she cannot let such a small foible get in the way of her job, which is to keep her feckless husband on his toes while ensuring the perfect management not just of her own household but also of that of her married daughters and sons.

Since mothers-in-law have always been misunderstood and no one has ever taken up their side of the argument properly, Jane is determined to set the record straight and plead the cause of the most maligned race on the face of the earth. The result is a hilarious comedy of manners and a gentle satire of Edwardian mores and attitudes.

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  • This rediscovered classic is a satirical gem worth savouring … Illuminated by priceless quips and farcical shenanigans, the reader is gripped by the quirks of a bygone age.

    The Lady

George R. Sims

George R. Sims (1847–1922) was one of the leading satirists and playwrights of his time. A friend of W.S. Gilbert and Ambrose Bierce, he was the author of over thirty plays, some of which enjoyed long runs across Britain.