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My Life with Boris

By Naina Yeltsin

Translated by Sheila Fitzpatrick

ISBN: 9781846884665

288 pages


RRP: £20.00

In this poignant memoir, Naina Yeltsin, the wife of the first president of Russia, recounts the compelling story of her life, from her earliest childhood memories and the time when she met and became engaged to Boris Yeltsin, her companion of over fifty years, to the birth of her daughters and her experiences as First Lady of Russia. 

Always shy of the limelight, and rarely giving interviews when her husband was in office, Naina Yeltsin provides the reader with a glimpse into her personal life, whilst offering at the same time a behind-the-scenes look at the epochal events that unfolded around her, including the first Russian presidential elections, the August 1991 coup and the fall of the USSR. Rich with intimate details and full of anecdotes, My Life with Boris is the chronicle of a life lived at the very heart of twentieth-century history.

Naina Yeltsin

Born in Titovka in 1932, Naina Iosifovna Girina married Boris Yeltsin in 1956. They had two daughters, Yelena and Tatyana, and lived together until Boris’s death in 2007. My Life with Boris is Naina’s first book.