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Simplicius Simplicissimus

By H.J.C. von Grimmelshausen

Translated by Hellmuth Weissenborn and Lesley Macdonald

ISBN: 9781847498786

320 pages

RRP: £7.99

Simplicius Simplicissimus – the towering achievement of H.J.C. von Grimmelshausen, one of the earliest novelists in the German language – charts the adventures of its hero, Simplicius, through the horrors of battle, murder, fire and famine, offering an invaluable eyewitness account of the Thirty Years War and showing how humanity can, in the end, triumph over brutality.

A work of great poetic beauty and satirical strength, and a historical document of timeless value, Simplicius Simplicissimus is one of the greatest picaresque novels in the Western canon.

H.J.C. von Grimmelshausen

After serving as a soldier in the Thirty Years War, H.J.C. von Grimmelshausen (1621-76), devoted himself to literature, penning various satires and gallant novels, although he is chiefly remembered for his picaresque masterpiece, Simplicius Simplicissimus.