Style in Piano Playing

By Peter Cooper

ISBN: 9780714543765

192 pages

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Renowned for its versatility, the piano has played a major role both in musical development and in the shaping of public taste. Throughout its history it has always remained at the centre of the music scene as the composer’s tool, the virtuoso’s partner and the accompanist’s mainstay.

Style in Piano Playing is a book not only about the piano, its uses and performers, but also about the music written for the piano. In it, the author shows how the great pianists of the past built their programmes, tells of how they were received and takes a critical look at the history of musical taste.

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Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper (1918–2004) was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and made an international career as a pianist, harpsichordist, teacher and lecturer, as well as making many recordings. He was a pupil of Alfred Bünz and Ignaz Friedman, both of whom studied with Leschetizky, and of Edwin Fischer.