Terror and Mystery cover

Tales of Terror and Mystery

By Arthur Conan Doyle

ISBN: 9781847493842

256 pages

RRP: £6.39

While he is now mostly associated with his Sherlock Holmes stories, Arthur Conan Doyle was also celebrated for the many masterful tales he wrote outside of that cycle. In this collection, first published in 1922, he compiled various pieces of short fiction which fall into the categories of horror and detective fiction, two genres for which he has become a byword.

These eclectic, captivating tales – dealing with topics such as mysterious jungles in the sky, seventeenth-century torture techniques, a bloodthirsty Brazilian cat and a train mysteriously disappearing between two stations – showcase Arthur Conan Doyle at his creative best.

Contains: ‘The Horror of the Heights’, ‘The Leather Funnel’, ‘The New Catacomb’, ‘The Case of Lady Sannox’, ‘The Terror of Blue John Gap’, ‘The Brazilian Cat’, ‘The Lost Special’, ‘The Beetle-Hunter’, ‘The Man with the Watches’, ‘The Japanned Box’, ‘The Black Doctor’, ‘The Jew’s Breastplate’ and ‘The Nightmare Room’.

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  • Start a story by Conan Doyle and you cannot stop reading, whether you are ten or sixty.

    Michael Dirda

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) is the celebrated author of many adventure novels, including The Lost World and The Poison Belt, and the creator of the hugely popular detective stories of Sherlock Holmes.