The Bookman’s Tale

By Charlie Lovett

ISBN: 9781846883026

320 pages


RRP: £7.99 £6.39

After the death of his wife, Peter Byerly, a young antiquarian bookseller, relocates from the States to the English countryside, where he hopes to rediscover the joys of life through his passion for collecting and restoring rare books. But when he opens an eighteenth-century study on Shakespeare forgeries, he is shocked to see a Victorian portrait strikingly similar to his wife tumble out of its pages, and becomes obsessed with tracking down its origins. As he follows the trail back to the nineteenth century and then to Shakespeare’s time, Peter learns the truth about his own past and unearths a book that might prove that Shakespeare was indeed the author of all his plays.

Guaranteed to capture the hearts of everyone who truly loves books and literature – in particular the golden age of Shakespeare, Jonson and Marlowe – The Bookman’s Tale is a sparkling novel and an engrossing exploration of one of literature’s most tantalizing mysteries.

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  • A gripping literary mystery that is compulsively readable until the thrilling end. For fans of Geraldine Brooks’s People of the Book, Shakespeare aficionados and bibliophiles.

    Library Journal

  • I don’t read much fiction. I’m picky. But I loved racing through Charlie Lovett’s The Bookman’s Tale, a richly rewarding thriller filled with real-world details about the discovery of a rare book that may or may not be a priceless Shakespearean artifact. Fun for everyone who’s ever fondled a soft leather binding!

    Daniel Singer, founder, Reduced Shakespeare Company and co-author of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

  • A pleasurably escapist mystery is intricately layered with plots, murders, feuds, romances, forgeries – and antiquarian book dealing.


  • It is a beautifully crafter book that has the reader enthralled, especially the bibliophiles among us. It is so refreshing to find a thriller with a new angle.

    Yorkshire Gazette

Charlie Lovett

Charlie Lovett is a writer, teacher, and playwright, whose plays for children have been seen in more than three thousand productions. He is a former antiquarian bookseller and an avid book collector. He and his wife split their time between Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Kingham, Oxfordshire.

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