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By Louis-Ferdinand Céline

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This collection includes four novels by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, one of the greatest twentieth-century novelists.

‘The most blackly humorous and disenchanted voice in all of French literature’ London Review of Books

‘The prose stylist of the century’ – Tibor Fischer

‘Céline’s expletive-laden, first-person narration influenced Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski and Beat poetry. But the influences do not stop there: one cannot help but appreciate the palpable influence that the author’s anti-war invective and defence of cowardice had on Joseph Heller’s Yossarian and Kurt Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim respectively. But, the interest of those he influenced aside, Céline’s novel remains as readable and vital today as it was in the 1930s.’ – Times Literary Supplement

‘Born in the shadow of entrenched realism and naturalism, Céline ripped up the textbook. He wasn’t the first French writer to use a colloquial style, but he was the first to use it so relentlessly and powerfully, to create a brand, the rant, whether it was delirious, lyrical or raging.’ – The Guardian

Journey to the End of the Night

‘Journey to the End of the Night, first published in 1932, is one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century … It could be said that without Céline there would have been no Henry Miller, no Jack Kerouac, no Charles Bukowski, no Beat poets’ John Banville

Death on Credit

Death on Credit is a new kind of novel, frank about the author’s thoughts and actions in ways that readers had never encountered, ultra-realistic – and full of incidents that could not possibly be true to life, and characters that stretched the imagination.

Guignol’s Band

First published in 1944 but dealing with events taking place during the First World War, Guignol’s Band follows the narrator’s meanderings through London after he has been demobilized due to a war injury.

London Bridge

Written in Céline’s trademark style – a headlong rush of slang, brusque observation and quirky lyricism, delivered in machine-gun bursts of prose and ellipses – London Bridge recreates the dark days during the Great War with sordid verisimilitude and desperate hilarity.

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Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Louis-Ferdinand Céline was one of the most controversial authors of the twentieth century, a writer who mixed realism with imaginative fantasy, and like his contemporary Henry Miller, an iconoclast who shocked and frightened many of his readers. Céline, the pen name of L.F. Destouches, was a doctor in poor Parisian districts whose experience of the misery and chicanery of the poor gave him a jaundiced view of humanity that he poured into prose that is comic as well as often frightening and obscene.