The Fox

By D.H. Lawrence

ISBN: 9781847496942

112 pages

RRP: £6.39

Nellie March and Jill Banford manage an ailing Berkshire farm at the time of the First World War, a task which is made all the more complicated by the frequent rampages of a local fox through their chicken coop. When a young soldier turns up and begins to interfere with the farm and the lives of the two women, they must find ways to react to this new fox in their midst.

A compelling study of the question of power, gender and sexuality, as well as a realistic portrayal of war­time rural England, The Fox showcases Lawrence’s inimitable gift for psychological observation and dramatic description.


  • The Fox is quintessential Lawrence

    Doris Lessing

D.H. Lawrence

The son of a coal miner, D.H. Lawrence (1885–1930) was brought up in relative poverty, his working-class background providing inspiration for many of his early novels. Lawrence spent most of his adult life abroad in order to escape the conventions and hypocrisies of his own country, and advocated a return to a more harmonious relationship with nature in the face of modernity and industrialization. Controversial both during and after his lifetime, Lawrence’s novels represent a milestone in twentieth-century literature.