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The Haunted Hotel

By Wilkie Collins

ISBN: 9781847498397

256 pages

RRP: £5.99

An enigmatic countess is tormented by a dark secret. An English aristocrat, Lord Montbarry, falls ill and dies in a decaying Venetian palazzo. An Italian servant disappears, and his wife receives a note containing one thousand pounds.

With the palazzo now transformed into a luxury hotel, and the late Lord Montbarry’s family in residence, these strands begin to come together, yet strange and macabre events are occurring, and the dead seem unable to rest.

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Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins remains most famous for his novels The Moonstone and The Woman in White, in which he pioneered a new style of “sensation” writing, the influence of which can still be seen in today’s culture in the genres of crime, mystery and suspense. He is also renowned for his close relationship with Charles Dickens, who regarded him as the most talented of his many protégés.