The Intelligent Woman’s Guide To Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism and Fascism

By Bernard Shaw

ISBN: 9781847493330

512 pages

RRP: £9.99 £7.99

Foreword by Polly Toynbee

As a lifelong socialist, Shaw believed that economic inequality was a poison destroying every aspect of human life, perverting family affections and the relations between the sexes. According to him, all British institutions were “corrupted at the root by pecuniary interest” – and idealism, integrity and any piecemeal attempts at political reform were futile in the face of the gross injustice built into the Empire’s economic system.

Begun in 1924 – the year of the British Labour Party’s first period of office under Ramsay MacDonald (who hailed it as “the world’s most important book since the Bible”) – and first published in 1928, The Intelligent Woman’s Guide draws on Shaw’s decades of activism and remains a brilliant, thought-provoking classic of political propaganda.


  • He was a Tolstoy with jokes, a modern Dr Johnson, a universal genius who on his own modest reckoning put even Shakespeare in the shade.

    The Independent

  • The playwright’s passionate and indignant guide for women, which tells how social injustice destroys lives, suddenly looks remarkably fresh.

    Polly Toynbee
    The Guardian

  • He did his best in redressing the fateful unbalance between truth and reality, in lifting mankind to a higher rung of social maturity. He often pointed a scornful finger at human frailty, but his jests were never at the expense of humanity.

    Thomas Mann

Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950) was a Nobel-Prize winning Irish playwright and critic, as well as an ardent socialist and tireless activist for the working class.