The Italian

By Ann Radcliffe

ISBN: 9781847497031

480 pages

RRP: £7.19

First published in 1797, The Italian, with its archetypal villain Schedoni, its intense romance and its sublime depiction of landscape, is the masterpiece of Gothic fiction.

Enlisted by the Marchesa di Vivaldi, the perfidious monk Schedoni casts a malevolent presence throughout the book as he tries to thwart the passion of the two young lovers Vincenzo di Vivaldi and Elena di Rosalba. Against the backdrop of the Catholic Inquisition and the unforgettable scenery of the Bay of Naples and the Apennines, The Italian celebrates the heroic struggle of love in the face of malice and deceit.
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Ann Radcliffe

Ann Radcliffe (1764–1823) is the pioneering author of classic Gothic novels such as The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Italian, which spawned countless imitators.