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By James Joyce

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The James Joyce Collection includes five works by one of Europe’s foremost Modernists.


With annotations by Joyce scholars Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian and John Turner.

A lively repository of literary allusion and colloquial realism, this dazzlingly innovative, ambitious novel is here presented in its 1939 Odyssey Press version, which is regarded as the most accurate text published in Joyce’s lifetime. This edition also includes over 9,000 notes by Joyce scholars Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian and John Turner.

Finnegans Wake

With an introduction by Dr Sam Slote of Trinity College Dublin. The text has been based on the 1939 first edition


James Joyce’s first published book, which he wrote when he was still in his twenties, Dubliners is far removed from the bold experimentalism of his later work, but is essential for the understanding of the author’s development as a writer and endures as a masterly example of the short-story form.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The most extensively annotated edition available with almost 1,000 notes by Marc A. Mamigonian and John Turner. This text is based on the Egoist Press second edition of 1918

Chamber Music and Other Poems

This volume, which includes Joyce’s first published book, Chamber Music, as well as his later collection Pomes Penyeach and several other uncollected poems, reveals a lesser-known facet of the great modernist’s artistic career and a glimpse into his poetical sensibility.

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James Joyce

Born in Dublin, James Joyce (1882–1941) spent most of his life abroad, living in Trieste, Paris and Zurich. His writings, however, mainly centre on Dublin – most famously Ulysses, Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. He pioneered and perfected avant-garde prose techniques that saw him rise to the rank of one of Europe’s foremost Modernists.