The Operas of Michael Tippett

By Michael Tippett

ISBN: 9780714544304

148 pages

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Although it is impossible to trace any one particular theme running through the operas of Michael Tippett, the libretti of his four operas are fascinating to compare. The dense allusions of The Midsummer Marriage (1955), here annotated, gave way to the classical formality of King Priam (1962); the psychoanalytical preoccupations of The Knot Garden (1970) hardly foreshadow the contemporary political commentary of The Ice Break (1977). Each work breaks new ground and provokes unexpected responses. The libretti offer unique introductions to the music, and throw a searching light on the direction of British theatre since 1945.

Contents: Operas contained in this volume: The Midsummer Marriage, King Priam, The Knot Garden, The Ice Break; Introduction, Meirion Bowen; A Ritual of Renewal, Paul Driver; ‘A Visionary Night’, John Lloyd Davies; Music for an Epic, Andrew Clements; A Tempest of Our Time, Meirion Bowen; Stereotypes and Rebirth, Leslie East

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Michael Tippett

Sir Michael Kemp Tippett (1905–98) is generally acknowledged to be one of the most important British composers of the twentieth century. His deeply held humanitarian and pacifist beliefs shaped both his life and his music, serving a prison sentence as a conscientious objector in the Second World War and being one of the first openly gay composers to explore issues of sexuality in his work.