The Porridge Plot

By Che Golden

Age range: 9–10; Book Band Y5/P6; Grey A; Sapphire

ISBN: 9781846884146

96 pages

RRP: £6.99 £5.59

When Maya and her family move to the countryside, strange things start to happen at night. Who is it that keeps tidying the house after everyone has gone to bed? While her parents don’t believe her, Maya knows that there is a mysterious creature living in their new home. This unwanted resident gets very upset when it realizes it won’t be getting the bowl of porridge it expects to receive in exchange for doing the housekeeping. As the furious creature wreaks havoc on the household, will Maya and her family find a way to resolve this situation, or will they have to leave their new home?

A delightful story of magic and fantasy, Che Golden’s The Porridge Plot is also a touching portrayal of family life, which emphasizes the importance of love and togetherness.

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  • A touching, gripping story

    The Primary Times

  • The Porridge Plot goes beyond the usual magical fairy story, as it deals with themes of family relationships, which I found very touching.

    Elisabetta Minervini, Publisher

Che Golden

Che Golden is an English-Irish writer who studied creative writing at Bath University. Her popular Feral Child trilogy, published by Quercus, blends Irish mythology and fairy tales.