The Pushkin Collection

By Alexander Pushkin

Translated by Paul Debreczeny and Roger Clarke


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New for Spring 2017, these four beautiful new editions of Pushkin’s masterpieces are once again available. Including:

The Queen of Spades
This collection of Pushkin’s stories begins with ‘The Queen of Spades’, perhaps the most celebrated short story in Russian literature.

Ruslan and Lyudmila
The basis for Glinka’s famous opera of the same name, Ruslan and Lyudmila – Pushkin’s second longest poetical work – is a dramatic and ingenious retelling of Russian folklore, full of humour and irony.

The Captain’s Daughter and a History of Pugachov
Set during the Pugachov rebellion against Catherine the Great, The Captain’s Daughter is one of his most popular works. This volume also contains another work by Pushkin on the same theme, A History of Pugachov, which presents an impartial, meticulously researched history of the revolt,

Boris Godunov and Little Tragedies
A drama of ambition, murder, remorse and retribution, Boris Godunov charts the decline of a Russian statesman, whose dynastic aims were foiled by a guilty past and an audacious upstart.


Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin (1799–1837) was a dramatist and poet, penning such influential works as Eugene Onegin and Boris Godunov. He is now considered the father of modern Russian literature.