The Summer of Broken Stories

By James Wilson

ISBN: 9781846883934

320 pages

RRP: £7.99 £6.39

England, 1950s. While out playing in the woods, ten-year-old Mark meets a man living in an old railway carriage. Despite his wild appearance, the stranger, who introduces himself as Aubrey Hillyard, is captivating – an irreverent outsider who is shunned by Mark’s fellow villagers, and a writer to boot. Aubrey encourages Mark to tell stories about his own make-believe world, and in return he informs the boy about a novel he is writing – a work of ominous science fiction.

As the meddling villagers plot to drive Aubrey out, Mark finds himself caught between two worlds – yet convinced that he must help Aubrey prevail at any cost. Dealing with powerful themes of friendship, rebellion and betrayal, The Summer of Broken Stories is James Wilson’s long-awaited new novel.

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  • This book is so subtle, so moving, so intelligent – it does knock spots off almost everything else around.

    Derek Beaven, author of Acts of Mutiny

  • Wilson has a gifted, original voice

    The Daily Telegraph

  • This is a real treat

    Yorkshire Gazette Herald

James Wilson

Born in Cambridge and educated at Oxford, James Wilson now lives in London and Normandy. He is the author of four acclaimed novels – The Dark Clue, The Bastard Boy, The Woman in the Picture and Consolation – as well as a work of narrative non-fiction, The Earth Shall Weep: A History of Native America.

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