The Tower

By Alessandro Gallenzi

ISBN: 9781846883767

RRP: £6.39

Amman, Jordan. As an ambitious digitization project gathers pace in a vast building outside Amman, some unpublished writings by Giordano Bruno – flawed genius of the late Renaissance, renegade philosopher, occultist with a prodigious memory – disappear together with the Jesuit priest sent by the Vatican to study them. When the priest is found dead and a series of mysterious threats ensues, it becomes clear that the stakes are high for all the parties openly or covertly involved.

What dangerous ideas were contained in the stolen manuscript? What was the ultimate secret that Bruno tried to hide, even as he was persecuted, imprisoned and tortured by the Holy Inquisition? In this riveting, meticulously researched new novel, Alessandro Gallenzi draws on his experience as a publisher in the digital era and casts a light on the darker side of our modern technological world, while revealing how a well-kept secret can change the course of history for ever.

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  • [Alessandro Gallenzi] has done much assiduous and scholarly research … He is the thinking person’s Dan Brown

    The Tablet

  • Gallenzi combines his two narratives with engaging skill … This deft and enjoyable novel makes the case for intellectual freedom.

    The Scotsman

  • A brilliantly gripping, clever thriller.

    Sarah Broadhurst

  • At the heart of the book is a big, bold idea: the hallowing of free intellectual enquiry and contempt for the manipulation of knowledge.

    Richmond Magazine

  • Gallenzi's passion really takes flight when it comes to Bruno – and the book lifts off.

    The Independent

  • The author takes us through two exciting journeys; one during the late Renaissance as we follow Giordano Bruno's fall, and the other in the modern digital era, which will reveal what can become catastrophic in the wrong hands.

    Yorkshire Gazette

Alessandro Gallenzi

Alessandro Gallenzi is the founder of Alma Books and the successor of John Calder at the helm of Calder Publications. As well as being a literary publisher with twenty years of experience, he is a prize-winning translator, a poet, a playwright and a novelist. He edited John Keats’s Complete Poems for Alma in 2019 and he has recently published a translation of Keats’s Letters (La valle dell’anima) with Adelphi.