Wabi-Sabi and Love in Small Letters – Francesc Miralles Double

By Francesc Miralles

Translated by Julie Wark

RRP: £15.98 £7.99

Catalan author Francesc Miralles’ international bestseller Love in Small Letters was a delightfully quirky tale of unexpected friendship and childhood love, which followed the adventures of a lovelorn professor named Samuel and a stray cat named Mishima, who leads Samuel to all sorts of strange encounters.

Wabi-Sabi, in a translation by Julie Wark, is a sequel of sorts to Love in Small Letters. It follows Samuel on a quest to Japan, where he attempts to discover the secret of the mysterious phrase ‘Wabi-Sabi’ –a secret which offers a chance for enlightenment and peace.

Wabi-Sabi shares the themes of love and adventure which made Love in Small Letters such a success, and will appeal to any lovers of quirky, romantic fiction.

Francesc Miralles

Born in Barcelona, Francesc Miralles has written many best-selling books and received several prestigious literary awards. As well as fiction, he has published extensively in the self-help, coaching and inspirational field. Love in Small Letters is his most famous and acclaimed book to date.

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