School Reward Scheme

This spring we’re offering schools the chance to participate in a reward scheme – on top of the 40% discount throughout the schools catalogue, we’re also giving away free books and money!

From January 31st to May 31st 2018, we’re offering a reward scheme: all you need to do to enrol on this scheme is to order via our website with your school name in the comments section and you’ll receive a gift card or cheque in June!

When you place your order, there is a space to enter a comment. Any orders – from the school, or from friends and family – which have your school’s name in the comments section will be added to your cumulative total. If you’ve got any queries, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at eminervini[@], and we’ll be happy to help.

The orders will accumulate across the period (Jan–May) and in June you’ll receive a notification with details of the amount ordered, as well as any rewards you might have built up.


If you spend… We’ll give you a…
£100 £10 Alma gift card
£200 £25 Alma gift card
£300 £40 Alma gift card
£500+ Cheque made out to your school for 15% of the value of your order*


* It may seem obvious, but the “value of your order” refers to the amount after discounts are applied.

Scheme currently closed