Specially for Christmas

This year, we’ve got Christmas wrapped up.


Signed books

Click on the link above to see our array of signed books – including Jane Hawking’s UK number-one bestselling Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind The Theory of Everything, Bee Rowlatt’s In Search of Mary, children’s books including Miriam Halahmy’s The Emergency Zoo and David Henry Wilson’s The Castle of Inside Out, and illustrated classics signed by the illustrator, such as The Adventures of Pipì the Pink Monkey, signed by Axel Scheffler, and Belle and Sébastien: The Child of the Mountains.


Book Collections – 50% off

This year, we’ve got more collections and sets than ever – including The Complete Bulgakov Fiction Collection, The Complete F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection, Children’s Classics Collection and The Essential Classics Collection. Also new this year: if you’ve already got one or two of the books, you can complete the collection for a discounted price.


Gift Wrapping

If you’re buying presents for someone, why not get them wrapped? When you get to the checkout, simply add gift-wrapping and we will do the hard work for you.


Gift cards

We’ve also got a brand-new e-Gift cards option, in a range of designs. Simply choose which design you like best and enter the details of the recipient, and it’ll be in their inbox in the blink of an eye.


Stocking Fillers

If you’re yet to fill all the stockings, check out the books below – ideal for bookworms this Christmas. And don’t forget, all of our Evergreens collection published to date are only £3.99 each on our website…

For Children

9781847495914Belle and Sébastien

The son of a Gypsy woman, Sébastien is found as a newborn baby in the Alps and brought up by Guillaume and his grandchildren Angélina and Jean. Born on the same day, Belle is a beautiful white Pyrenean Mountain Dog who has been neglected and passed on from owner to owner, until one day she escapes from a kennel. When Sébastien rescues the runaway Belle from the wrath of the villagers, the boy and the dog form a lifelong friendship and embark on exciting adventures in the mountains.

Only £7.99 £6.39



The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily

Starving after a harsh winter, the bears descend from the mountains in search of food and invade the valley below, where they face fierce opposition from the army of the Grand Duke of Sicily. After many battles, scrapes and dangers, the bears’ reign is established over the land, but their victory comes at a price.

Only £6.99 £5.59






The Horror Handbook

What happens to a vampire when he dies? How does somebody become a werewolf? How can you protect yourself from witches? All of these questions and more are answered in this book, which will finally give you all the information you ever wanted to know about ghosts, zombies, monsters and all kinds of creepy-crawly creatures that give us the heebie-jeebies.

Only £7.99 £6.39




For Adults


Sketches of Young Ladies, Young Gentlemen and Young Couples

When the publishers of the Pickwick Papers, Chapman & Hall, brought out the anonymous Sketches of Young Ladies in 1837, their resounding success prompted the twenty-six-year old Dickens to write, the following year, a companion piece, the Sketches of Young Gentlemen, followed two years later – to coincide with the engagement of Princess Victoria and Prince Albert – by the Sketches of Young Couples.

Only £7.99 £6.39




A Calendar of Wisdom

Banned in Russia under Communism, A Calendar of Wisdom was Tolstoy’s last major work, and one of his most popular both during and after his lifetime. This new translation by Roger Cockrell will offer today’s generation of readers the chance to discover, day by day, these edifying and carefully selected pearls of wisdom.

Only £8.99 £7.19





Memories of London

Originally conceived as a series of newspaper articles and later published in volume form, De Amicis’s Memories of London brings back to life all the bygone charm of the capital of the British Empire. De Amicis’s impressions are paired here with a piece written by one of his contemporaries, the French writer Louis Laurent Simonin, which leaves the city’s opulence and grandeur behind and offers an uncompromising look at the poverty and squalor of its most deprived areas.

Only £9.99 £7.99




For Everyone – Evergreens

Alma Classics’ Evergreens series collects the most popular classics around in beautiful, accessible editions. There are now over sixty in the series – you can explore them here.