Belle & Sébastien: The Child of the Mountains

By Cecile Aubry

Illustrated by Helen Stephens

Translated by Gregory Norminton

Age range: 9–11

ISBN: 9781847497253

Paperback • 256 pages

RRP: £7.99 £6.39

The son of a gypsy woman, Sébastien is found as a newborn baby in the Alps and brought up by César and his grandchildren Angélina and Jean. Born on the same day, Belle is a beautiful white Pyrenean Mountain Dog who has been neglected and passed on from owner to owner, until one day she escapes from a kennel. When Sébastien rescues the runaway Belle from the wrath of the villagers, the boy and the dog form a lifelong friendship and embark on exciting adventures in the mountains.

First published in 1965 to coincide with the internationally successful television series of the same name, Belle and Sébastien is a heart-warming story of camaraderie, adventure and freedom.

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  • This is a highly emotive story with tense moments that pull at your heart strings.

    Primary Times

  • A charming story of adventure and friendship.

    Parents in Touch

  • …the narrative gently captures the heartfelt connection in a litany of, in Aubry’s own words: love, tenderness and faith. Independent readers will easily engage with this delectable novel…


Cécile Aubry

Cécile Aubry (1928–2010) was a successful French actress who gave up her career in front of the cameras to devote herself to writing children’s novels and screenplays. She is most famous for the Belle et Sébastien series, for which she wrote the books and their television adaptations.