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Overture Opera Guides

The Complete Calder Opera Guides Collection

The Complete Bulgakov Fiction Collection

The Complete F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fiction ten-book set

The Brontë Sisters Collection

The Jane Austen Collection

The James Joyce Collection

The Dante Collection in Dual-Text

The Divine Comedy in Dual-Text

The H.G. Wells Collection

Great Poets Collection

The Poetry Collection – Poets from Around the World

The Virginia Woolf Collection

The Complete Quirky Classics Collection

The Céline Collection

Sergei Dovlatov – Three Books

The Nikolai Gogol Collection

The Charles Dickens Collection

Alain Robbe-Grillet Collection

Alexander Trocchi Collection

The Ivan Goncharov Collection

The E. Nesbit Collection

The Fyodor Dostoevsky Collection

Alan Burns Collection

Alexander Pope – Three Books

Charles Baudelaire – Three Books

Goethe- Three Books

The Adventures of Mademoiselle Charlotte

The Mozart Opera Guides Collection

The Verdi Opera Guides Collection

The Emile Zola Collection

D.H. Lawrence – Three Books

Essential Russian Masterpieces

Leopardi Collection

Alexander Pushkin Collection

Sherlock Holmes Collection

Children’s Illustrated Classics from Europe

George Orwell Collection

you can purchase the remaining books at a 40% discount.

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